Frequently Asked Questions

Is the availability calendar really free to use?
Yes, the availability calendar is free of charge and can be used without obligation.
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How do I put the availability calendar on my website?
After creating your calendar, you will find two HTML codes below it. The first code can be used to integrate the calendar directly into your website. The second code provides a link to view the calendar directly from
I have several vacation rentals. Can I create more than one availability calendar?
Yes! You can definitely employ multiple availability calendars at once. All the calendars you create can be found under the "My Calendars" link.
How can I edit my calendar’s booked and available dates?
If you are not already logged in, log into the site first using your username and password. Select the "My Calendars" link and choose your desired calendar. Click "edit" (above the calendar) and you will now be able to update your availability calendar.